Video Blog for Monday the 19th of October following my favourite articles posted on LinkedIn this week. This week I talk about why videos are becoming indispensable tools for online marketing.

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Video Blog for Friday 9th of October following my favourite articles posted on LinkedIn this week. This week I talk about 11 reasons why no one is watching your videos, brand marketing and how to work smart, not hard.

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Video Blog for Friday 2nd of October following my favourite articles posted on LinkedIn this week.

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videomanSo Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research says “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”, now I’m good at talking but I’m not that good.

I was having a discussion on a shoot last week with the client from an oil and gas company and she mentioned how employees and contractors like to have their messages dressed up. So what’s a dressed up message?

I believe she meant, that if the communication team send out a message as a printed document it goes unnoticed but if it is done as a quick 1 -2 minute ‘video message’ they will watch it, or at the very least have it on while they check their Facebook page.

So this got me thinking and comparing the internal and external video messages from 20 years ago to the ones today. I remember how, when we used to film the CEO or President of a company in the 1990’s it was a small team taken along, you would have a director, camera operator, auto cue, assistant, sound operator, make up person and the whole shoot would be organised to the hilt.


One of the things I enjoy most about my profession is that you get to meet a wide range of people working in a range of business sectors. It is great to be able to capture a business and put together a photo portfolio or a video production that can really sell a product or service.

One of my recent favourite shoots was with So Cal Limos based in Hamilton Hill, Perth. They offer an incredible selection of chauffeured cars for hire. So Cal Limos have both modern and classic vehicles. When I was given the call to work on this project I was very excited.  I am a fan of the TV program Top Gear, so this was my opportunity to create several showcase videos highlighting the style and interior of some amazing classic and modern cars.

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