Last Wednesday I got to experience a new filming adventure, the Dowerin Field Days, a small country town 160km east of Perth or a 2.5-hour drive when leaving at 6am in the morning. Along the journey was the Bakers Hill pie shop that seemed to have every traveler stopping for a hearty homemade pie, well worth the wait. Then the convoy finally arrived into Dowerin, a quiet country town any other week of the year but this week parking was at a premium! 

The Dowerin Field Days is the largest and most widely recognised agricultural event in Western Australia and has built a strong reputation over its 52-year history. 

According to their website around 7000 broad acre farmers attend the event each year and over half of all visitors stated their reason for attending was a strong interest in agricultural products and services.

Courtney Waller Productions and Perth Media visited the 2016 event and here is a quick video showing some of the characters and fun that makes the Dowerin Field Days such an entertaining experience.

It was a real community event with families and kids everywhere of all ages. Possibly an unofficial public holiday us city slickers aren’t privy too. Go Dowerin!


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