Welcome to the fourth episode of Slice TV, a Perth Corporate Videos Blog interviewing the movers and shakers of Perth business and industry.

This interview is with Darrel Griffin a LinkedIn specialist, mentor and commentator.

It was a fortuitous time to interview Darrel about LinkedIn on the day that Microsoft bought out the company for a tidy some of money. Darrel gives us some insights into how to best use LinkedIn to help your company, business or self interests.

If you are looking for how to use this digital tool then this interview will provide you with some basic information on how to get started. From how to set up your profile page to what to post and how to post it.

The best point I took away from the interview is that LinkedIn is a social tool so the number one thing is to just be social.

We shall talk to Darrel more in the future about social media so stay tuned. 

For more information about Darrel Griffin contact:

 +61 419 709 431

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