videomanSo Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research says “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”, now I’m good at talking but I’m not that good.

I was having a discussion on a shoot last week with the client from an oil and gas company and she mentioned how employees and contractors like to have their messages dressed up. So what’s a dressed up message?

I believe she meant, that if the communication team send out a message as a printed document it goes unnoticed but if it is done as a quick 1 -2 minute ‘video message’ they will watch it, or at the very least have it on while they check their Facebook page.

So this got me thinking and comparing the internal and external video messages from 20 years ago to the ones today. I remember how, when we used to film the CEO or President of a company in the 1990’s it was a small team taken along, you would have a director, camera operator, auto cue, assistant, sound operator, make up person and the whole shoot would be organised to the hilt.

Today it is usually just someone like me, as director/operator doing all of the above. Cameras don’t need as much lighting; audio can be done with radio microphones, therefore no sound operator required, the gear is so much lighter I don’t need the assistant to lug and set up, while I’m still fit and young. 

As much as I would like the epic crew it is just overkill with what we know today and the equipment available. Today’s approach also makes video a more affordable medium for the client.  When they have that important message to impart and they know their employees are more likely to engage with a video format then cost effective pricing just makes video the best choice.

We can now video the message, trim it up on the laptop, give the client and MP4 file to preview before you leave their office. Then when you get back to the office you can do any grading, any further editing and by the next day the client has their completed approved clip. It’s fast, efficient, affordable, but best of all gets a message watched and learned, rather than flicked over.

Now don’t get me wrong the irony isn’t lost on me, I am writing an article about promoting video using the written form, the world is just funny like that.

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