Just last week I was filming a property video in Sorrento that had such a lovely story behind it I thought it was worth sharing.

While talking to the owner about the wonderful craftsmanship of the woodwork I was told her husband, who was a carpenter, built the entire house. What a talented man, the detail in this home is so very impressive.

The owner told me how they bought the 1400 square meter block of land in 1968 and while travelling around Hawaii after a business trip they came across a home open sign. With building in their future they thought why not go and have a look. Immediately they fell in love with the design and new it was exactly what they wanted to build on their block back in Sorrento, Perth.

The husband started to take down quick sketches on some paper he had in his pocket. When the agent saw him doing this he quickly stopped him. After a conversation about how they where from Australia, the agent said they could buy the designs for $100.00 and as they say the rest is history.

It is definitely a Perth landmark and what a place it must have been during the 70’s.

Have a look at this video, as this is one very unique home in Perth. I hope once sold it stays around for another 50.

Real Estate Property Video Perth for 3 Hamersley Road, Sorrento

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