I have just finished a video for Bristow Australia showcasing their Search and Rescue (SAR) capabilities in Australia.

I’ve made many on-board induction videos for Bristow, but the chance to help promote a multi million-dollar part of their Australia and Asia Pacific operation was a big deal for me.

To produce this video required utilizing the services of my wonderfully talented pool of contractors. First, to produce the script I called upon Cate Rocchi at Perth Media. It was important the script showed the passion Bristow have in becoming the premiere Australian SAR operators, had an Aussie feel and didn’t just come across as corporate hype. Cate did a wonderful job and that script gave us our blue print to start filming for the video.



courtney bristow 3Over to Melbourne for a small two-day trip to film the SAR team in operation. Of course I would take my main filming colleague Bernard Shaw from Red Empire MediaRed Empire Media to help with the filming.

The short trip meant that we both needed to be filming, time is expensive in helicopters, therefore we only got one take to get it right.

I didn’t tell Berns that he would be going “down the wire” to get the shots, if only I had a camera to take a picture of his face when I told him the news.

The SAR crew were kind enough to give us some practice runs at going down the wire on the tarmac before we took off, in order to familiarize ourselves with the process.

As the director I decided Berns should do it for real, I stayed tight in the chopper and filmed from there. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the actual shots of Berns being brought in for the main video. Again his face was priceless!



courtney bristow 7After recording interviews with more of the key players back here in Perth and some fine-tuning of the script it was time to put the edit together.

Once I had chosen all my favorite shots, interview pieces and music I handed the job over to Richard Eames from Black Cyclone to do his magic. Magic is exactly what he did, as always, and produced an edit that made the client very happy.

All it needed now was for the SAR team to give their feedback to make sure we got parts technically correct, approval from Bristow head office and the video was ready for promotional use.

It was a really great job for myself and my wonderful team of Cate, Berns and Richard. The client was awesome, they really took ownership of the video and made sure it was something that represented who they are, what they stand for and show where they are going. But most importantly the video showed how a big, international company can be more than relevant in the Aussie market. Have a look at the final job and I hope you enjoy some of the pics that go with it.

Thanks Bristow Australia, it was a blast!

Bristow Search and Rescue Australia

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