Oh I love working in 4K

Today I realize how lucky I was to be in the film industry in 2017. Why you ask?

Well all the stars in the technology world have perfectly aligned. We have had access to cameras to film in 4K for a few years but have not had easy access to editing software and computer hardware that could cope with a file of this size.

But now adobe has come to the party with a great proxy work flow, so I can film in 4K, edit the footage using smaller proxy files that my laptop can handle and get all the benefit of manipulating 4K size images. 

I thought I was lucky 20 years ago when mini DV cameras and the affordable Casablanca edit suite were invented making broadcast standard video production affordable to independent production houses, but this is a whole new ball game. I know you are wondering what is so great about 4K….

Well think back to when we had square TV set,s that was footage filmed in 720 resolution. Then we all got HD TV’s that allow for 1920 resolution. This footage is by quality and size twice as big as the 1920 HD TV size. This is a very rough and ready explanation.

Now you might ask why is this wonderful? Well its wonderful because I can shoot the footage in 3840 by 2160 resolution but only need to provide the final edit to the client, YouTube or broadcast station in 1920 by 1080. Essentially I have twice as much picture real estate to work with. 

This is why 2017 is a splendid time for film makers. I’m currently sitting in the middle of this Venn diagram of video production and loving it.

Have a look at this video that I just made for Prochem that has shots showing the benefits of 4K. All shots where created using a simple 4-foot long slider, shot wide with no zooming or panning. By cropping in on some of the shots I could make them seem somewhat more dramatic with elaborate zooms and pans that would have taken more time at the shoot to perform and quite tricky to pull off. Technology now lets me achieve amazing shots in post production, I love it!

Editing with 4K Video

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