2016 was a bumper year for Courtney Waller Productions, with many new and diverse clients. I have made a video snapshot to showcase some of the interesting work I was involved in throughout the year. Check it out.

My broad goals for the year started out as:

1) Develop new networking opportunities

2) Nurture existing customer relationships with outstanding service

3) Maintain my current healthy work/ home balance

4) Create new videos to support my brand and develop Slice TV 

On the whole, I kept to these goals, but with some twists that I’ll touch on below. 

Through learning and discovering new marketing strategies, building the profile of the website and meeting people from new industries I was able to develop a strong new client base. Cate Rocchie at Perth Media was an example of how a simple coffee meet and greet has turned into a great working relationship. The website developed Georgie and Keith Fletcher at Ocean Website Design has worked also well in generating new leads such as SMS Rental.

I of course worked hard to support my existing clients with my hands on approach to producing their videos. It was another busy year with INPEX producing their videos showing the updates with The Ichthys project and other corporate milestones and messages. 

The final part of 2016 was busy with Bristow producing their on board videos and a new video for their SAR operations here in Australia.  A video I will discuss in more detail in a future blog. 

Prochem, who are now part of the Pon group of companies, needed a video to showcase their new Australian assets. I had a great opportunity to film some interesting shots in their warehouses. 

Still working primarily from home has allowed me to be a great parent to my two beautiful girls, and be able to really enjoy this early part of their life whilst still getting the work done on time and on budget.

Slice TV has been a real source of inspiration for me as I have met a number of interesting ad inspiring people doing amazing things in Perth. I’ve produced numerous video blogs on many topics and they have been very successful. The interview with Sophie Zadeh on body language has nearly 5,000 views.

So let’s now see what 2017 can bring, stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy this highlight clip.

Thanks for reading.

Watch Highlight Clip 2016


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