In this week’s video blog I talk to Tanya Finnie from RedHead Communications about Cultural Intelligence. Do you know what Cultural Intelligence is? I certainly didn’t until I met Tanya.

For the past month I’ve produced 13 short videos for James Limnios to be used in his 2017 City of Perth council elections campaign.

Being part of a political campaign has been a fascinating process. James has been a great client in allowing freedom to produce the video in the style I thought suited best. It had to be natural, and let James be James, his passion told the story. The feedback suggests this is what the market wanted to see.

Just last week I was filming a property video in Sorrento that had such a lovely story behind it I thought it was worth sharing.

While talking to the owner about the wonderful craftsmanship of the woodwork I was told her husband, who was a carpenter, built the entire house. What a talented man, the detail in this home is so very impressive.

The owner told me how they bought the 1400 square meter block of land in 1968 and while travelling around Hawaii after a business trip they came across a home open sign. With building in their future they thought why not go and have a look. Immediately they fell in love with the design and new it was exactly what they wanted to build on their block back in Sorrento, Perth.


I have just finished a video for Bristow Australia showcasing their Search and Rescue (SAR) capabilities in Australia.

I’ve made many on-board induction videos for Bristow, but the chance to help promote a multi million-dollar part of their Australia and Asia Pacific operation was a big deal for me.

Oh I love working in 4K

Today I realize how lucky I was to be in the film industry in 2017. Why you ask?

Well all the stars in the technology world have perfectly aligned. We have had access to cameras to film in 4K for a few years but have not had easy access to editing software and computer hardware that could cope with a file of this size.

But now adobe has come to the party with a great proxy work flow, so I can film in 4K, edit the footage using smaller proxy files that my laptop can handle and get all the benefit of manipulating 4K size images. 

2016 was a bumper year for Courtney Waller Productions, with many new and diverse clients. I have made a video snapshot to showcase some of the interesting work I was involved in throughout the year. Check it out.

My broad goals for the year started out as:

1) Develop new networking opportunities

2) Nurture existing customer relationships with outstanding service

3) Maintain my current healthy work/ home balance

4) Create new videos to support my brand and develop Slice TV 

On the whole, I kept to these goals, but with some twists that I’ll touch on below. 

How do you become one, is it something you are born with or is it something that can be learned?

Michael Bryden from MSB Max joins me to talk about leadership, training and we discuss the environment that allows people to thrive and produce, the difference between leadership and management and how important it is to understand that difference.

Have you ever found yourself repeating your bad behaviors and wondering? Why do I keep doing this? Michael talks about these actions and gives some tips and tricks on how to combat such actions in the future.

Darrel Griffin joins me again to discuss how to find your digital voice on social media. 

As written by Hamish McRae at the Independent:
“The world’s largest taxi firm, Uber, owns no cars. The world’s most popular media company, Facebook, creates no content. The world’s most valuable retailer, Alibaba, carries no stock. And the world’s largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, owns no property. Something big is going on.”

We are all our own digital media company, so go forth and find your own digital voice and be your own media company!

For more tips and advice from Darrel Griffin you can contact him on:
Phone: +61 419 709 431

Or better still check him out on LinkedIn:


Dancing, Art Therapy, Literacy and Numeracy Games and Laughter: Filming the Kids in Ronald McDonald House’s Early Learning Program in Perth

My wife Toni conducts educational assessments for children who have been in PMH and are now able to access the Ronald McDonald Learning Program for tutoring which is one of the amazing roles of the Learning Program at Ronald McDonald House. 

So Toni was having a chat with Clare O’Connor State Manager, Ronald McDonald Learning Program 
who told her she was going to New Zealand for a special event, and would like to have a video to show what the Work of Heart Program does.  The Work of Heart Program is the ‘in house’ education program.  Children and their siblings staying in Ronald McDonald House can access the WA school curriculum during term time and fun activities during the holidays. 

So Toni said, no problem, my husband Courtney can make you a video! Oh all right, I’ll do it. It shouldn’t take too long, I thought. 

Three months later!

Yes, I got so involved, and was so touched by the stories, that I spent months filming all the wonderful work that the fantastic people do at that house.  Some fabulous footage taken – disco dancing, art therapy classes, playing literacy games, watching puppets and all kinds of other good stuff.  In some of the activities, the kids have a ball and all the team at the house were delightful and couldn’t do more to help. I saw up close the emotional rollercoaster that families, touched by illness, are on. 

Although the eventual film I produced is upbeat, when children are sick, there are highs and lows.  The house is one of those places where everyone is really happy, smiley and laughing one minute, and sad the next – you can really feel that. 

I came away understanding the crucial role of the House and the Learning Program, in keeping the kids up to date with their schooling while they are undergoing treatment. It is not just the kids themselves who are ill that need the program, but their siblings, as many people staying at the house are from the country. Whole families can spend weeks to months in hospital and it really affects them if they get behind in their education.

Once I started hearing the stories and seeing the positive impact, I got so involved with it. The team down there are just beautiful, down-to-earth people and you can’t help but fall in love with them and the work they do. 

So I just put everything into this video and went there as my as my schedule allowed.  

For the film, I kept it tight and on message, and we eventually had a beautiful little product to simply show the world how amazing this centre is. 

The team showed the film at an award’s ceremony in Sydney and they won that award – the video was able to demonstrate exactly how important the program was.  

It has been one of my most rewarding projects professionally for some time.  Go Ronald McDonald House team, your Learning Program is fantastic and telling the story has been a privilege. Thanks to Perth Media and Cate Rocchi in helping write this blog piece.

The Work of Heart Program at Rolnald McDonald House Perth


Last Wednesday I got to experience a new filming adventure, the Dowerin Field Days, a small country town 160km east of Perth or a 2.5-hour drive when leaving at 6am in the morning. Along the journey was the Bakers Hill pie shop that seemed to have every traveler stopping for a hearty homemade pie, well worth the wait. Then the convoy finally arrived into Dowerin, a quiet country town any other week of the year but this week parking was at a premium! 

The Dowerin Field Days is the largest and most widely recognised agricultural event in Western Australia and has built a strong reputation over its 52-year history. 

According to their website around 7000 broad acre farmers attend the event each year and over half of all visitors stated their reason for attending was a strong interest in agricultural products and services.

Courtney Waller Productions and Perth Media visited the 2016 event and here is a quick video showing some of the characters and fun that makes the Dowerin Field Days such an entertaining experience.

It was a real community event with families and kids everywhere of all ages. Possibly an unofficial public holiday us city slickers aren’t privy too. Go Dowerin!


Sophie Zadeh a nationally recognized body language expert debunks the myths, reveals some secrets and has a look at how our political leaders came across in the recent Australian Federal election. 

Find out how to use body language to gain a competitive advantage in business negotiations, job interviews and even romance. 

Learn some key non-verbal communication tips that can be used everyday:

  • Eye direction
  • Eye contact avoidance
  • Handshakes
  • Folding arms
  • The power pose
  • Genuine smile
  • Head tilt
  • Empathy and engagement
  • Warmth and approachability
  • Turtling (yes that is a phrase)
  • Fear
  • Nixon-Kennedy Presidential Debate 1960
  • Australia’s recent Federal election Turnbull v Shorten
  • One-sided shoulder shrug
  • Purposeful hand gestures
  • Mirroring

For more information you can contact Sophie on:
Sophie Zadeh
Body Language Specialist
Phone: 0477 182 555

Back by popular demand, Darrel Griffin talks about how LinkedIn can be used as a tool to best facilitate your business or corporate profile.

Learn how LinkedIn can showcase your value to your customers or future employees.

Darrel shall be a regular feature in Courtney Waller Productions video blogs to help educate the ways to best utilise this social media platform.

For more tips and advice from Darrel Griffin you can contact him on:
Phone: +61 419 709 431

Or better still check him out on LinkedIn:

Welcome to the fifth episode of Slice TV, a Perth Corporate Videos Blog interviewing the movers and shakers of Perth business and industry. This interview is with Bombora Wave Power CEO Sam Leighton.

Sam talks about how Bombora Wave Power is all about the development of a low cost energy collector that will make the Bombora system reliable and scalable, resulting in the potential for cost effective and affordable renewable energy.

Clean renewable power has been taken up in Europe, according to Arthur Nelson from the Guardian, as recently as 2013.  Renewables provided only about 23% of Portugal’s electricity in 2013 but by 2015 that figure had risen to 48%.

Sam discusses how Bombora Wave Power, a West Australian owned and developed technology, has the world interested with testing to begin in Portugal very shortly.

For further information about Bombora Wave Power:

Sam Leighton (CEO):
Mobile: +61 (0)438 959 912
General Enquiries:

Welcome to the fourth episode of Slice TV, a Perth Corporate Videos Blog interviewing the movers and shakers of Perth business and industry.

This interview is with Darrel Griffin a LinkedIn specialist, mentor and commentator.

It was a fortuitous time to interview Darrel about LinkedIn on the day that Microsoft bought out the company for a tidy some of money. Darrel gives us some insights into how to best use LinkedIn to help your company, business or self interests.

If you are looking for how to use this digital tool then this interview will provide you with some basic information on how to get started. From how to set up your profile page to what to post and how to post it.

The best point I took away from the interview is that LinkedIn is a social tool so the number one thing is to just be social.

We shall talk to Darrel more in the future about social media so stay tuned. 

For more information about Darrel Griffin contact:

 +61 419 709 431

Welcome to the third episode of Slice TV. A Perth Corporate Videos Blog interviewing the movers and shakers of Perth business and industry.

This interview is with Jim van der Meer from Peritas group a Perth based structural and civil engineering firm that specialises in outside-the-box thinking; so much so that they coined a phrase for it... Peritology.

I talk to Jim about a new contract Peritas group have to lift the Aubin Grove train station into place on the Mandurah train line within 36 hours, located in the median of the Kwinana Freeway, just north of Russell Road.

We also discuss in this video blog how companies benefit from having experienced older employees in the work force to help train, inspire and engage the younger generation.

For more information about Peritas Group contact:
(08) 6336 9299


Welcome to the second episode of Slice TV. A Perth Corporate Videos Blog interviewing the movers and shakers of Perth business and industry.

This interview is with Latasha Menon from Latasha's Kitchen discussing her food journey.

Latasha wanted to pass on her food experience from growing up in Malaysia to her Australian friends but realised they were unfamiliar with the many ingredients, methods and styles she took for granted. 

In 2003, her dream of starting up her own cafe became a reality.  In 2013 this lead to her producing a specialist range of exotic condiments and curry pastes.   All of these wonderful products are made to Latasha’s specific standards and always with her uncompromised passion.

Latasha believes that "cooking delicious food starts with the best ingredients. When you are short on time, you don’t want to sacrifice flavour. Your family deserves the freshest and best meals, yet as a busy person you don’t always have the time to spend in the kitchen."

The part about this business success that fascinated me the most was how a range of traditional Asian curry pastes made in Perth Western Australia could be successfully exported into the Asian market.

So enjoy watching the video blog to find out the answers and see how this talented woman shows you how to cook some wonderful food with her products. Some good Asian cooking tips and tricks to be learnt.

For more information about Latasha's Kitchen contact:
Latasha's Kitchen
P.O. Box 32
Mt Hawthorn 6915
Western Australia

Telephone: +61 8 9443 1952
Mob: 0407 442 911 


Welcome to the first episode of Slice TV.

Courtney Waller from Perth Corporate Videos interview’s Mark Horwood from Captivate On Hold.

Mark discusses how Captivate On Hold, launched Video on Hold – this is a game-changing new product for the professional and domestic market. It will allow callers to businesses the ability to watch promotional videos, news, sports or any interesting content, while on hold and waiting to speak to a company representative.

Captivate On Hold is the first company in Australia, and possibly in the world, to develop this compatible, informative and effective technology.

So watch the video interview and find out more about what video on hold can do for your business.

For more information about Captivate On Hold contact:

CEO Mark Horwood
Phone: + 61 (08) 9368 7511
Address: 13 Kitchener Avenue, Burswood Western Australia 6100, Perth Media

Cate Rocchi
Phone: +61 (0) 428431699

Video Blog for Monday the 9th of November following my favourite articles posted on LinkedIn this week. 10 creative uses of Instagram and a cool photo experiment, enjoy!

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Video Blog for Monday the 2nd of November following my favourite articles posted on LinkedIn this week. This week I don’t talk…but why?

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Video Blog for Monday the 26th of October following my favourite articles posted on LinkedIn this week. This week I talk about a video posted on fortune by Geoff Colvin. This video is truly inspiring video for anyone wanting to tackle the 21st Century head on.

I also show some interesting photos and events happening in Perth.

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